Is Lincoln Plumbing Still Relevant?

In my line of work you got to be really flexible I mean you just don’t fix pipe you got to get underneath to fix pipe what I’m doing now is something my dad taught me like years ago what you got to do is you gotta get in here behind the water heater and you got to feel the leak see I don’t hear anything right now I hear nothing but I feel leak yep okay so I’m gonna fix this probably start up here in one of these well so hand me the pipe wrench okay which one’s the pipe ring you got the pipe wrench you got a pipe wrench in one hand you got a chocolate bar in the other why do you have a chocolate bar I should have palace to put it down.

I got an apprentice Heating and Cooling Company right now who’s uh well I fire him if it wasn’t part of the family so I’m stuck with him you’re gonna do this business Lincoln plumbing someday you got to get into places like this okay you know what this is you thesis really easy you tried okay I’m thermostatically son of a gun this is absurd Oh breathe breathe you know what here’s what we’re gonna do I want you to go outta try and get a mat for me when I was looking for a work vehicle something would help me out during the day getting me here and there and storing.

all my stuff I got for transit I mean this thing is unbelievable it’s it’s very versatile it’s very flexible and I can customize it to what I need I can’t find it yet because the upper shelf is not the same Donner where you have to hit it it was hiding in plain sight okay so here we goal right yeah yeah okay so you got your hands on the mat come on what that’s like working out while you’re smoking what are we running it I was holding yeah now bring your buttocks way up cultist is a down facing dog no then.

put your head down I think hey you proved your point that was very relaxing all right just so you know we got a leak here because of backup on the p-trap okay that’s really common easy fix Shouldn’t take half as long as I though tit would oh no super easy what are you doing I think the lady left out some snacks.

Making Business Strategy

Get him in my corner yeah come here boy I got you from behind Chris I mean Rick whoever the hell you’re supposed to be I’m trying to figure out there we go how I can tag into Chris deck I get to plays Chris this is great oh why not kind of knock myself off the thing there Oh wrap are you serious okay yeah there we go I’ll say I totally press that I’m so happy I get a place Chris Jericho that makes it that makes taxi matches so much better instead instead of having to worry about what Chris.

Is gonna do by himself you know way oh my god you’re right pick it off me Chris Jericho got a moonstone on debt for a regular ass mood oh yeah there isa time limit but it’s super long and you never you pretty much never reach it are we gonna flat up power up all the to step-to-step now Chris has got some crowd love players Chris Jericho Andy’s got cheating pin of course triple.

Aces grotto get in the match up while Rick is just taking these to the head bro I come here Rick whoa Frankenstein are into a pin of course triple H is thereto break it up you big buttonhole that’s the only damn move you got Rick asshole oh wow I thought he’s gonna go for a strike he came off the road damn you people grappling and then punching yes I think Rick this man is literally only hitting me in the dick.