Making Business Strategy

Get him in my corner yeah come here boy I got you from behind Chris I mean Rick whoever the hell you’re supposed to be I’m trying to figure out there we go how I can tag into Chris deck I get to plays Chris this is great oh why not kind of knock myself off the thing there Oh wrap are you serious okay yeah there we go I’ll say I totally press that I’m so happy I get a place Chris Jericho that makes it that makes taxi matches so much better instead instead of having to worry about what Chris.

Is gonna do by himself you know way oh my god you’re right pick it off me Chris Jericho got a moonstone on debt for a regular ass mood oh yeah there isa time limit but it’s super long and you never you pretty much never reach it are we gonna flat up power up all the to step-to-step now Chris has got some crowd love players Chris Jericho Andy’s got cheating pin of course triple.

Aces grotto get in the match up while Rick is just taking these to the head bro I come here Rick whoa Frankenstein are into a pin of course triple H is thereto break it up you big buttonhole that’s the only damn move you got Rick asshole oh wow I thought he’s gonna go for a strike he came off the road damn you people grappling and then punching yes I think Rick this man is literally only hitting me in the dick.